Earthlings have always been fascinated by the two closest space neighbours - Mars and Venus.

2004 year has brought two important events - discovery of water on Mars and Venus Transit. Water on Mars was found by two rovers Spirit and Opportunity that were given their names by American students. A lot of European students took part then in the Venus Transit observation.

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Venus Transit 2004

...there will be no other Venus Transit till the twenty-first century of our era has dawned upon the earth, and the June flowers are blooming in 2004.

William Harkness, 1882

time: 7:44

Just twice in a lifetime you can see the celestial event that occurred on 8th June in the morning - Venus Transit.

Venus passed directly between the Earth and the Sun for the first time in 122 years. The phenomenon occurs four times every 243 years -- twice in December eight years apart, and 122 years later, twice in June again eight years apart.

Our secondary school also took part in the observation of the Venus Transit (not more than 7th in the history of astronomical science).

Our group set off to Doupov Mountains that offered not only perfect conditions for observation but also very pleasant and quiet environment. Equipped with high-quality technology, we carried out the time measurements in the Transit points that were important for precise measurement of Sun-Earth distance, and proper photo documentation. It was important, as well, to find out the exact latitude and longitude of the observation place. We want to take part in the international video contest.