Earthlings have always been fascinated by the two closest space neighbours - Mars and Venus.

2004 year has brought two important events - discovery of water on Mars and Venus Transit. Water on Mars was found by two rovers Spirit and Opportunity that were given their names by American students. A lot of European students took part then in the Venus Transit observation.

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Our observation

time: 13:06

Timing the Transit

To carry out the timing we used digital watch synchronized to the radio signal (DCF Frankfurt).

Measured values
The instants of the optical contact Accurate Time (CEST)
T1 7 h 20 m 42.00 s
T2 7 h 39 m 49.00 s
T3 13 h 3 m 3.00 s
T4 13 h 22 m 34.00 s


  • type: NEWTON
  • aperture: 125mm
  • focus: 1000mm
  • ocular focus: 15mm
  • magnification: 67x
  • used solar filter: BAADER Astro Solar (reduction 99,999%)

Geographical location

The location of our observation point was situated in the cadastral territory of Uhostany village, in a triangulation folio No. 1211 between triangulation points No. 209 and No. 12, 610m from point No. 209.

Longitude: 13.15251 ° E
Latitude: 50.20107 ° N

Our results in comparison with all the measurements

Sun - Earth distance according to our results: 149 871 706 km
Real Sun - Earth distance: 149 597 870 km
Average distance calculated from Venus Transit observations: 149 590 707 km

  • The number of observers for every slice of values of the astronomical unit is represented by a vertical bar.
  • Our own measurement is represented by a green line.
  • The exact value is represented by a red line.
Our results

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